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Adelaide Kangaroo Processor & Supplier - Why we have the best supply & quality of Kangaroo Minced & Diced for Pets

Why we have reliable supply of Premium Kangaroo Minced & Diced in #Adelaide 🥩🐾
We are Kangaroo processors. We do everything in-house from start to finish.
The point below explain why it's beneficial to buy from a processor:
⬇No middlemen/ Cost effective⬇
As we source everything ourselves you are essentially buying factory direct, this is why our prices are competitive without jeopardising the quality of the product.
⬇We know where everything comes from⬇
The traceability of products is vital. Not only can we tell you when the product was packaged, but we can also tell you when it arrived, when the meat was cut or even when the animal was harvested. Further, all our wild game proteins are sourced from South Australia.
⬇ We have full control ⬇
We don't rely on others to send us meat. The carcass arrives directly to us for processing and is immediately packaged. This makes for a safer food as the meat is minimally processed. We use vacuum packaging to extend shelf life & for easy storage.
⬇Our standards as a company⬇
We only want to provide our customers with safe, premium & nutritious products. No trimmings or offcuts, we bone out the meat with all the primal cuts and mince/ dice for a premium product.
⬇Our People⬇
Damien - Head of processing - Fully qualified meat inspector ensuring all meat and offal of the animal is safe & in good condition.
Tessa - QA Manager - Diploma in Food science ensures all processing is safe & ensures high-quality standards are upheld.
Rachel - Raw Food Expert - Currently completing her course in dog food nutrition as she will help guide you & your dogs to an ideal diet.
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