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Storage and Handling Guidelines

Fresh Products:  

Cooked products, including our premium/ gourmet loaves and the Tasmanian rolls, contain a use by date. Store these products in the fridge as soon as possible after purchase. It is advised to use or freeze these products at least 3 days before their use by date to ensure optimal freshness.  


Fresh meat products: Our fresh kangaroo products are securely vacuum packed in 1 kilogram plastic bags. Store these products in your fridge as soon as possible after purchase. It is strongly advised that the product be frozen if not used within 7 days of purchase, to maintain freshness.  


All Natural Canine fresh products are safe to freeze.  


Frozen products:  

We process all of our BARF and PREY meals in house. Once our products have been processed, they are immediately frozen as they contain no artificial colours or preservatives. This process enables a longer shelf life and helps maintain quality. Products have only been frozen once therefore they are safe to defrost and refreeze. Once purchased, ensure your products are placed in the freezer as soon as possible.  



In order to maintain the quality of the product, and to reduce the risk of bacteria growth, The Natural Canine strongly recommends that any frozen product is defrosted in the fridge only.  


  1. Ensure your fridge temperature is below 5°C 
  1. Place the items being defrosted on the lowest shelves (if possible, place the product in a container) 
  1. When placing the product back in the fridge after use, it is recommended that the product be sealed with a clip or placed in a sealed container to avoid spills and drips.  



A product that has been defrosted in the fridge is safe to refreeze.  


  1. Defrost your product using the information above. You do not need to completely thaw your product before separating and refreezing.  
  1. When separating the product, ensure you are working within a hygienic environment, with clean hands, equipment & surfaces. Follow the same health and hygiene routine you would when preparing your own raw meat.  
  1. Separate the product and place in secure containers and immediately re-freeze.  

It is recommended that you complete these steps as quickly as possible so the product is not sat out on the side for an extended period of time.  


Reminder: Freezing food will not kill bacteria, it only stops bacteria from growing. As food thaws, bacteria can reawaken and start to reproduce, which is why we only recommend defrosting food in a fridge. Never defrost food at room temperature — this means no defrosting of food on kitchen workbenches or other surfaces.  

Once a product is defrosted, it must be used within 24 to 36 hours if it is not being refrozen.  


Dry treats:  

Dehydrated treats from The Natural Canine are presented in vacuum packed bags in a variety of sizes. It is recommended that these treats are stored in a cool dry place. Once open, treats should be placed in air-tight glass jars or tupperware to maintain freshness and not attract pests.   

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