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About Us

Welcome to The Natural Canine! 

We are a family run, premium pet food business based in Adelaide, South Australia.

After seeing first hand the effects of an overly processed diet, The Natural Canine was born. Our aim was (and will always be) to create fresh food, that is a healthier and more species appropriate option for your animals. Our premium pet food and dried treats are products that your animals will love and thrive on. 

All of our products are sourced, prepared and sold by us.

We are an accredited processing plant, who offer a wide range of proteins, such as kangaroo, lamb, venison, beef. emu and rabbit. By removing the involvement of other parties we can keep our costs down, making fresh food more accessible. It is never too late to start adding fresh food to your animal's diet. 

Our proteins are sourced throughout outback South Australia and regional Victoria (expect poultry which come from human grade suppliers), in a responsible and ethical manner, adhering to strict government regulations. Due to this, our products are traceable, offering a true “Paddock to Plate” experience. 

During processing, our meats are prepared under the supervision of our qualified meat inspector, ensuring only the best and freshest products are available. All meats are fresh or freshly frozen, and we can confidently say our products are preservative and additive free. 

We aim to run our business in a sustainable and ethical manner, respectfully using as many parts of the harvested animal as possible. 

Due to this, we are able to produce a wide variety of fresh, air dried and frozen products. 

Our country harvested meats are organic but not certified, they are free roaming/foraging animals (Poultry excluded).

As a team, our aim is to provide you with the resources to give your animals the healthiest options you can. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions.


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