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Welcome to The Natural Canine where we like to do things a little differently

If you have found our page, congratulations on being curious on how you can improve your pets health with a premium fresh diet. You may already be an educated pet owner that knows the benefits of fresh diet or you are looking to learn more about food options. Either way, we believe that our products are of a premium standard.

We are not a large multinational company with a multimillion dollar marketing budget so we don’t use slick advertising to baffle you with catch phrases or part truths. Instead we aim to offer you a transparent, safe, nutritionally sound fresh food option.

Our products are free from preservatives and fillers and are a nutritionally sound.


Dog lover and nutrition expert, Rachel is one half on the team at The Natural Canine. Passionate about delivering the best range of real foods for your Pal, Rachel works on putting together whole food recipes. Cooked, raw, bones, treats and specialty products that are not only whole but full of good nutrients, textures and flavours.

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Damien makes up the second half of the team at The Natural Canine. Passionate about processing real whole proteins and delivering the best range of real foods for your best mate, Damien runs the processing plant that sources and produces whole pet foods. 

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