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A bone really isn’t just a bone? They can be considered recreational or edible.
Larger hard bones are more of a recreational choice. They can offer enrichment and reduce boredom, great for a jaw workout and the friction of knawing on a meaty bone can help gum health and remove tooth tartar and plaque buildup.
Meaty bones are good for this, large beef marrow type bones aren’t, as they can cause erosion of enamel and teeth.
It is recommend that Recreational bones be removed when meat has been eaten to prevent tooth damage.
Softer bones such as chicken/turkey necks and chicken frames are bones that can be added to the diet to be eaten fully, again offering benefits the harder bones and added calcium and other bony minerals to the diet.
Always feed bones under supervision to reduce any risk of choking. Bones can have a constipating effect if fed to many, if this happens just cut back on bones offered. Provide plenty of fresh water.
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