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What's a BARF Meal?

A ‘BARF’ diet essentially includes everything within a balanced meal that your dog needs to thrive.

BARF stands for Biological Appropriate Raw Food.

Feeding just muscle meat alone won’t include some key nutrients that dog’s source from offal’s, bone content and seasonal veg and fruit.

Raw feeding can be overwhelming to start but the BARF diet simplifies it into a ratio that you can stick by; 70% muscle meat, 10% Edible bone, 10% Organs - No more than 5% Liver, 10% Seasonal fruit & vegetables. 

Variety is key, ensure to include various proteins within the diet. Different proteins hold different nutrients.  This can look like including different proteins over the week or switching every couple of months, it can be dependent on your dog and their sensitivity.

We also recommend including a pre and probiotic and bone broth within the diet for extra support.

Please note, these recommendations are based for healthy adult dogs.
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