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Turkey Neck - Frozen

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We're thrilled to introduce Turkey Necks, a wholesome and delicious treat that promotes joint health and dental hygiene in dogs. Packed with essential nutrients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin, these turkey necks support healthy cartilage, providing a natural cushion for your dog's joints. Additionally, chewing on turkey necks helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, contributing to fresher breath and improved dental hygiene. By incorporating our Turkey Necks into your dog's diet, you can help prevent joint-related diseases while ensuring excellent dental health.

Embracing a Wholesome Raw Diet:
At The Natural Canine, we are committed to providing the best nutrition for your pets. Our Turkey Necks offer a natural and unprocessed option that aligns perfectly with a raw feeding approach. We believe in the power of raw food to provide optimal nutrition for your canine companion. 

To ensure a well-rounded diet, we recommend incorporating bones into your dog's feeding routine. We suggest feeding turkey necks or other appropriate bone options twice a week. This helps maintain dental health, provides mental stimulation, and contributes to a balanced raw diet. We always recommend supervision while feeding bones and not all bones may be suitable for your pet.

Each packet of our Turkey Necks weighs between 400-470g, ensuring you receive a generous portion of nutritious treats. The necks are conveniently packed into 1 x Large neck or 2 x Smaller necks per bag, providing versatility in serving sizes to suit your dog's needs.

Quality Ingredients, Made in Australia:
At The Natural Canine, we prioritize the health and well-being of your pets. That's why our Turkey Necks are made from 100% Australian turkey, sourced from trusted suppliers. We guarantee the highest quality and freshness in every pack, giving you peace of mind when feeding your beloved companion.

Treat your dog to the goodness of Turkey Necks, a natural and nutritious snack they'll love. Place your order today at The Natural Canine, your reliable source for premium pet products in Adelaide. Give your furry friend the tasty and wholesome treats they deserve.

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Fresh Food Feeding Guideline

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