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FRESH Kangaroo Mince - 1kg

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This fresh minced kangaroo is a medium mince best suited to smaller dogs, puppies and cats.

The Natural Canine kangaroo meat is a premium product made only from the finest cuts, not the trimmings. This is a product we harvest ourselves, meaning within a number of days it goes from "paddock to pet dish" and is one of the freshest pet kangaroo meats available. Due to our processing standards, this meat maintains its freshness longer and does not have that "game meat" smell. We use no preservatives or additives.

It is presented in a 1kg cryovac bag for convenience.
Perfect for feeding raw, mixing into a BARF style raw diet or for home cooking.


100% Premium open range kangaroo muscle meat.

Feeding Guidelines:
Fresh items - keep refrigerated below 4 degrees, use within 4 days of purchase and can be frozen. Frozen items - keep frozen until ready to serve, thaw in a covered container separate from other food in the refrigerator use within 3 days once thawed. Raw edible bones that contain muscle meat and connective tissue are soft enough to be eaten without causing damage and can be fed fresh or frozen. They are essential to a raw diet and provide calcium and other nutrients that help create firm stools. Edible bone ratio is 10% of a PMR/BARF diet. All products containing organ have been frozen for minimum 2 weeks prior to sale for parasite control from wild meats.

Storage and Handling Guidlines

Please visit our guidelines page on how to safely handle and defrost our products.

We always recommend defrosting meat in the fridge.

Fresh Food Feeding Guideline

If you’re not too sure how much to feed, please check out our blog post, Starting on Fresh Food, Point Number 4 outlines how much to feed your pet.

Click here to view blog post, Starting on Fresh Food

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