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BARF Emu Meal - 500G - Frozen - Exotic

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Emu meat is an uncommon yet outstanding protein choice that is rarely featured in dogs' diets. Nevertheless, it's certainly one you should seriously consider incorporating into their nutritional rotation due to its numerous benefits.

Emu is a novel/exotic protein, meaning it has a low chance of causing or aggravating existing allergies. It is also a highly digestible meat, that is lower in the bad fats (LDLs) and higher in the good fats (HLDs). With two as much iron as Beef and high levels of vitamin C, it is an expectational option for all animals.

Please note Emu is harvested seasonally and may not be available all year round

70% Premium Emu muscle meat, 10% Edible bone, 10% Organs (5% liver and 5% kidney) and 10% Seasonal Vegetables. 

Made in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Storage and Handling Guidlines

Please visit our guidelines page on how to safely handle and defrost our products.

We always recommend defrosting meat in the fridge.

Fresh Food Feeding Guideline

If you’re not too sure how much to feed, please check out our blog post, Starting on Fresh Food, Point Number 4 outlines how much to feed your pet.

Click here to view blog post, Starting on Fresh Food

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