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Bulk - BARF Variety Box - 20kg - FROZEN

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 5 x 1kg BARF Beef  /  5 x 1kg BARF Turkey / 5 x 1kg BARF Seasonal  /  

5 x 1kg BARF Kangaroo

Please note bulk home deliveries will be delivered in a cardboard box, not an esky. If you are wanting an esky there is an extra $5 fee to cover the packaging cost, however, this fee does not cover the cost of the esky so it is to be returned upon the next delivery or an extra fee may be incurred. CLICK HERE FOR ESKY HIRE.

 Click'n'Collect orders must provide a specific collection date when placing an order.  At least 24 hours' notice must be given between the time of ordering and the selected collection date. 

Bulk orders cannot be guaranteed for next day collection if the order is submitted after 3pm. Bulks cannot be collected over the weekend. 

Kangaroo BARF: 70% Premium Kangaroo muscle meat, 10% Seasonal Veg, 10% Edible bone, 10% offal (5% liver/ 5% kidney)

Beef BARF: 70% Beef muscle meat, 10% Seasonal Veg, 10% Edible bone, 10% offal (5% liver/ 5% kidney)

Seasonal BARF: 35% Kangaroo, 25% Lamb Lung (considered muscle meat), 10% Seasonal Veg , 10% Lamb Heart (considered a muscle meat), 10% Edible Bone, 10% offal ( 5% liver & 5% pork kidney/beef spleen).

Turkey BARF: 70% Turkey muscle meat, 10% Edible bone, 10% offal (5% liver/ 5% Kidney), 10 % Seasonal Veg.  

Storage and Handling Guidlines

Please visit our guidelines page on how to safely handle and defrost our products.

We always recommend defrosting meat in the fridge.

Fresh Food Feeding Guideline

If you’re not too sure how much to feed, please check out our blog post, Starting on Fresh Food, Point Number 4 outlines how much to feed your pet.

Click here to view blog post, Starting on Fresh Food

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