Goldfields Emu - PREY MEAL - 500G - Exotic

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Our in house made Emu Prey Meals are the closest choice to a wolf ancestral diet your pooch can have at home!

Please note the Emu is only harvested seasonally and won't be available all year round.

Made with fresh Emu meat, bone and offal in a fine to medium mince, it is suitable for dogs of all breeds sizes and ages. These premium diets follow a specific ratio of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone meal, 5% liver and 5% organ to ensure a balanced and complete meal for adult dogs. If your pooch loves our Emu Prey Meal, why not try other varieties from our fresh made Raw Prey Meals and BARF selection.

Benefits of Emu:
- High in Vitamin C
- Low in bad fats (LDLs)
-Higher in good fats (HLDs)
-Twice as much iron as Beef!
- ‘Exotic’ low risk of being an allergen

80% Premium Emu muscle meat, 10% Edible bone, 10% Organs - No more than 5% Liver

Single Protein Meal containing 100% Emu meat, offal and bone.

Feeding Guidelines:
Fresh items - keep refrigerated below 4 degrees, use within 4 days of purchase and can be frozen. Frozen items - keep frozen until ready to serve, thaw in a covered container separate from other food in the refrigerator use within 3 days once thawed. Raw edible bones that contain muscle meat and connective tissue are soft enough to be eaten without causing damage and can be fed fresh or frozen. They are essential to a raw diet and provide calcium and other nutrients that help create firm stools. Edible bone ratio is 10% of a PMR/BARF diet. All products containing organ have been frozen for minimum 2 weeks prior to sale for parasite control from wild meats.

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