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Bone Broth - Emu - 500g

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This home style, thick Bone Broth is made from fresh, meaty emu bones slow cooked for 48hrs with celery, turmeric, carrots and parsley. Not only is bone broth a good source of vitamins, but also collagen and gelatin. Bone broth has medicinal properties which assist dogs who are unwell, are in need of additional nutrition, relieve symptoms of arthritis and assist with the healing of "leaky gut" and controlling allergies.
It is packaged in a convenient 500g pouch with the broth frozen into cubes for your convenience.

100% Premium emu meaty bones, celery, carrot, apple cider vinegar and water.

Feeding Guidelines:
Keep frozen until ready to serve, thaw in a covered container separate from other food in the refrigerator use within 7 days once thawed. 

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