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About Raw Feeding

Why to Feed Raw?

Carnivores were designed by nature to be self-maintaining. In the wild, the Grey Wolf and the Wild Cat have the biology to nourish and heal their bodies with what is available to them. We may have domesticated these creatures over time, but we do not need to humanise them. Feeding your animal a raw diet provides them with an abundance of bioavailable nutrients that their bodies are designed to effectively digest and thrive on.

Some of the benefits associated with raw feeding:
Cleaner teeth, better breath
Less poop
Healthy skin and coat
Reduced inflammation
Calmer temperament
Stable digestive system
Stronger immune system 

Most common health conditions can be linked to diets of highly processed commercial food, many of which are high in carbohydrates and low in quality proteins. 

Transitioning to RAW

The transitional process is a time for rebuilding the animals gut health and supporting their bodies natural ability to heal and adapt.

Before you begin making changes to their food, take the time to asses their body condition and consider any physical and environmental factors that may influence the process. When they are ready, consider some factors below in ensuring a positive experience.

Meat temperature. Something we suggest is to let the meat you are about to feed to your pet to sit out the fridge or warm up on a stove. Sometimes a cold meal isn't all that appetising

Slow transition. Not all of us love dramatic change, right? this is why we suggest introducing little by little until it becomes their full meal! This could even start with bones!

Stool change. A common misconception is that runny stools indicate allergies, which is not generally the case. Cats and dogs are natural carnivores! They just need a little time to adapt to the change.

Keep it Simple. Adding too many ingredients into one meal can make the meal too rich for their little tummies!

Remember, good things happen with time. Sometimes your pet won’t take to the new diet overnight but time and persistence of introduction is key, they are only used to what they know.  

Acknowledgement to the Pet Grocer who assist us with their valuable knowledge and information.

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